About CatoCoin

CatoCoin NextGen Technology

MAJOR NEWS - On 6/18/19 at Block 495,217 CatoCoin forked and become a Tiered Masternode Platform

The old collateral of 6,200 increased to 25,000 : 50,000 and 100,000 coins for Tiers 1, 2 and 3. POS was reduced from 30% down to 5% and Tier 1 Masternodes will receive 10% of the reward, Tier 2 will receive 25% of the reward and Tier 3 Masternodes will receive 60% of the reward. This is a bold move to take coins out of circulation, increase scarcity and value.

Our ground breaking & Patent Pending NextGen Technology transforms the way in which Rewards and Collateral requirements are calculated. We identified several problem areas and opportunities that could only be addressed through the introduction of a new coin with revolutionary Blockchain technology: CatoCoin; because all conventional Masternode coins are plagued with the same fundamental problems.

Conventional coins pre-set rewards on the progression of the block chain by 'guessing' how quickly Masternodes will be added over time when the coin is developed. This approach is like throwing darts blindfolded.

CatoCoin's NextGen Technology decouples rewards & collateral requirements from the blockchain and links them instead to the number of active Masternodes.

CatoCoin's NextGen Technology employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the number of active Masternodes and automatically adjusts rewards and collateral requirements. This ingenious approach allows CatoCoin to be the only coin that can Guarantee ROI both now and in the future. All without ever having to fork the blockchain, install new wallets or purchase additional coins once collateral requirements increase.

We Are Dump Resistant

Panic selling is not an investment strategy, but that doesn't stop some people from dumping coins. The problem is that they often buy them right back at even lower prices after they've caused a mad rush to sell. With CatoCoin there are dumping consequences because of increasing collateral requirements. Once you give up your Masternode, the collateral will likely be higher to start a new one. This protects everyone and makes each CatoCoin masternode more valuable over time by ensuring higher and higher values. Your Masternode purchased at the 'then published' collateral requirement stays active after collateral increases for new Masternodes.

In addition, our 95% MN / 5% POS split will help reduce the number of coins in circulation by reducing POS yield.

We believe in Equality

We implemented a graduated reward schedule for the first 15 Masternodes while maintaining consistent collateral requirements to reward our first 15 early adopters as equally as possible, while maintaining excellent ROI for subsequent Masternodes. In addition, our Masternode Owners (first 15) received a 100 coin bonus when the coin was listed on CryptoBridge. This is our way of saying 'Thank You'.

Catocoin is well-funded!

CatoCoin was well funded and did not need pre-sales for Exchange & MNO listings. Listing on CryptoBridge and Masternode rating services were totally pre-paid.

Buy & Sell on Exchanges

CatoCoin is listed on Crypto-Bridge.org and Coinexchange.io. Buy and sell with confidence on these exchangea.