CatoCoin Rewards, Collateral Schedule & ROI

READ CAREFULLY: Catocoin's Rewards and Collateral Requirements BOTH increase as the number of MasterNodes increase (without any required wallet updates). Once you start your Masternode with the 'Current Required Collateral' (based on # of Masternodes running), your Masternode STAYS RUNNING. You do not have to buy more coins to keep your masternode running when collateral increases.

If you stop your Masternode and sell your coins and want to start a new mastermode in the future, you will need to purchase the Required Collateral based on number of Masternodes running at the time of Purchase (see chart below)

What does this mean to you? First: If you are smart you'll get in early before collateral increases. Secondly: Do not shut down your masternode and sell you coins because it increases in value all the time because it will require more coins in the future to replace it.